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Shoppable Video Collaborations for Fashion Week

This year will mark the first time that New York Fashion Week will be hosted for the most part digitally. We wrote this article about Mav Farm Fashion to share how the platform can support designers and brands as they move their focus from in-person events to digital experiences.
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Shoppable Video Collaborations for Fashion Week


Collaborations in fashion and art have provided us a great antidote to the corrosive “Great Man Theory,” which proposed that history can be largely explained by the impact of a great man, woman, or hero. Of course, Edison, Jobs, Musk, Dalí, Van Gogh, and Liebovitz all had collaborators helping their work along the way.

While industrial markets had been so successful at distancing our consumer consciousness from the production process, digital markets seem to foster a new reactionary force in which consumers increasingly crave such producer intimacy and knowledge - perhaps, as a very human-like reaction to our growing anxiety of an increasingly digitally automated future.

Credit: Alexandra Ruppar, Unsplash

Warhol’s Factory drew light of the hidden collaborative creative process in art and commercial culture. At the forefront of the movement uniting art and fashion in the 1960s, Warhol joined forces with Yves Saint Laurent. Warhol’s Campbell soup can imagery and silkscreens prompted YSL to collaborate with the artist on a "groovy" series of a-line paper dresses in 1966-67 under the title “The Souper Dress,” which were meant to be discarded in a nod towards modern consumerism.

Since then, co-authorship has been used as a tool for brands to gain new reach, awareness and form a more genuine relationship with audiences, viewers and consumers alike. As we become more “consumer conscious,” brands are looking for new ways to collaborate in the creative and marketing process.

While targeted ads have become insufficient in terms of pure unit economics, leaders in fashion understand the power that lies in creatively connecting the dots between various brands and cultural leaders, including products, services, individuals, media and technology. Apparel is something tangible and lasting; buying clothing or shoes is an emotional decision and, when worn, becomes an extension of a consumer’s personal brand. Thus, a thoughtfully-executed collaboration of two or more brands, icons, styles, or designs can greatly enhance brand recognition and build an audience of like-minded individuals who become loyal to both labels involved… with little-to-no advertising dollars wasted.

Credit: @ccreatt, Hypebeast

Collaborations have combined the creative benefits of partnerships, with the appearance of genuity and, occasionally, of stepping outside a brand’s comfort zone. In fact, co-branding and collaboration are no longer optional for a brand’s success: they’re a strategic imperative. When executed thoughtfully, with a clear line of communication and well-established mutual goal between both parties involved, these partnerships have enormous impact on a brand’s long-term outlook and profitability.

In the spirit of Fashion Week, we share ways in which brands can manage and track their collaborations.

Fashion Collaborations on Mav Farm

This year will mark the first time that New York Fashion Week will be hosted for the most part digitally due to the pandemic. We wrote this article about Mav Farm Fashion to share how the platform can support designers and brands as they move their focus from in-person events to digital  experiences. Here, the Fashion team at Mav Farm covers best practices for how to win using Mav Farm, explores their digital fashion week playbook and shares insights and data that can leverage your brand channel.

Mav Farm recently partnered with Gentle Monster x Office on the first ever digital fashion show and the results were noteworthy. Now is the time to take ownership and secure your own real estate on Mav Farm and it’s social video app .show.

Why Mav Farm

Mav Farm Enterprise enables businesses to schedule shoppable video collaborations and campaigns with publishers, brands, retailers and individuals/influencers. Brands can sell directly to consumers through shoppable video, which means you and your audiences will no longer be bothered by advertising. Empower your brand, publisher, and brand ambassadors to captivate audiences and sell your products. With shoppable media formats, your business will increase conversion rates and customer lifetime value by providing a seamless checkout experience wherever your media lives. Embed across web, email, social and more.

Brand Guide & Best Practices

Mav Farm has analyzed a lot of data and content to better understand what users are looking for and have come up with suggested best practices. Users are looking for long form, personality driven content, specifically 4-10 minutes in length. They want to spend time with a person and are ultimately looking for inspiration, education, access and entertainment. The tried and true formats that work best for fashion content are: original series, transformations, vlogs, hauls + reviews, get ready with me, niche, challenges and try ons. Take these formats and put your brand voice and personality on top of them. You can also utilize Mav Farm features to enhance your brand storytelling such as on demand, premiers/live and interactive shoppable formats.

Step 1: Apply to Mav Farm and set up your store

Once your application is approved, make sure you sign in and finish creating your organization’s profile. Adding your bank account information, updating contact and support information and adding logos and profile images will help down the road when you start to make sales. Make your branding clear and representative so that people who find your profile will instantly understand what your brand is about. Make sure to secure a vanity URL, verify your channel and invite your team to Mav Farm.

Step 2: Create your content and sales strategy
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Create amazing content – think of creating 3 to 5 pieces of content to support your collaboration and build an engaged audience. Brands that posted multiple video formats from the same show see 4x more viewership. Select what products will be sold through the show and upload those products to Mav Farm. We sync with major ecommerce solutions like Shopify. It can feel like you need to have every product in your store available immediately, but by prioritizing the most popular products first, you can get your online operations up and running quickly.

Step 3 - Invite Collaboration Partner to Mav Farm

Invite partners that you’ll be running a video collaboration with. These can be other brands, publishers, retailers or individual cultural leaders and brand ambassadors. Make sure your brand partner fits your brand. When there’s fit (shared values, goals and target audiences), brand collaborations shape perception, expand awareness and excite existing believers.

Step 4 - Create and Amplify Collaboration

Once your partner has onboarded, you’ll be able to create a collaboration. Go to Campaigns > Add Collaboration.

  1. Select Title
  2. Schedule
  3. Add products
  4. Choose video or product collaboration.
  5. Share
  6. Upload Video
  7. Send Collaboration Proposal

Once these steps are completed, a collaboration invite will be sent to the collaborating organization. Once accepted, the video collaboration will air on it’s scheduled date and you can now socialize the collaboration.

You can share the video or product collaboration before it airs across your owned channels or partner channels to build buzz and amplification. Copying the embed code from Mav Farm enables you to embed video or products across the internet. Viewers will be able to make purchases from the .show video player wherever they land on it.

Step 5 - Monitor the Results

After a collaboration has commenced, you can watch your sales grow, and your ROMI improve greatly. Use collaboration reports in Mav Farm to see attribution, demand, sales, and video performance data to further your business intelligence. Quickly share these reports with colleagues all within Mav Farm Enterprise.

Apply now to get started growing your brand on Mav Farm.